Periodontist Dental Surgery in Singapore
Clinic teeth whitening dentistry and Periodontal treatment in Singapore

Dental Surgery and Periodontal Treatment in Singapore


We understand your concern during this time. Our clinic is taking all precautions possible. Air purifiers are used throughout the clinic. All surfaces, door handles are disinfected after each patient. All staff are wearing mask. Temperature taking is carried out at entrance.

The Singapore Dental Surgery strives to deliver high-quality dental care. We provide a full range of dental treatment including dental implants. Dr Chee specializes in Periodontology , which is the treatment of gums diseases. (bleeding gums, swollen gums, gingival recession etc). We serve the local and expatriate community and even have people coming in from around the world.

Periodontal (gum) treatment in Singapore

Periodontics is a specialty that deals with the periodontium which includes the gingiva (gums) and the supporting tissues (bone, cementum-root surface, periodontal ligament ).

There are many types of periodontal disease, like gingivitis which is the inflammation of the gums ( and bleeding) to periodontitis where there is destruction and loss of the gum attachment to the root surface. In periodontitis there would be pockets present and also a loss of bone.

Periodontal Examination – A very thorough examination of the mouth, gums and teeth is required in order to determine the extent of the periodontal disease. Measurements of pocket depths ( i.e.. when the gums are not attached to the root-surface), recession of the gums, how loose (shaky) are the teeth, how much bleeding is present, full mouth x-rays…. It is only then that we can plan the treatment needed.

Signs of Gum disease

Treatment of periodontal disease

Non-surgical treatment

In our long experience, most cases can be treated non-surgically with excellent results when done thoroughly and meticulously. Patients and referring dentists are often surprised that surgery is not required.

Periodontal surgery

Rarely is surgery required for the treatment of periodontitis in our clinic. However , there are other procedures that do require surgery eg Cosmetic procedures for correcting a "Gummy smile", Crown lengthening surgery is done when a tooth is too short for the placement of a crown, grafting of the gum when there is recession..

Dental Implants

Teeth sometimes have to be removed because of very bad tooth decay, gum disease, badly broken after an accident or a severe crack extending down the root. Depending on the position of the lost tooth it can affect you when you smile or even cause some loss of facial support where the cheeks may look sunken in.

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