Periodontist Dental Surgery in Singapore
Clinic teeth whitening dentistry and Periodontal treatment in Singapore

Periodontal Treatment - Bleeding Gums

1. First visit examination
2. Periodontal (gum) treatment

A thorough examination is carried out to determine the severity of the periodontal disease. X-rays of the teeth will be taken in addition to the clinical examination where each tooth will be assessed for pockets, mobility, gingival inflammation, bleeding, gingival recession etc. Only after a complete examination can we make a specific diagnosis and plan the treatment required.

The cause of the disease is dental plaque (Biofilm) – mainly bacteria and overtime calculus will form. These have to be removed.

A. Non surgical treatment – Involves scaling and root planing to remove the calculus and plaque. This combined with oral hygiene instruction will stop the disease from progressing and brings back oral health. Usually in Dr Chee’s hands – non surgical treatment has been extremely effective and rarely has surgery been required.

B. Surgical Treatment – Flap surgery to expose the root for better visibility in removing calculus. It is important that you have a good oral hygiene before this is performed on studies have shown that you could end up with worse results. We rarely do surgery as the non-surgical treatment produced good periodontal health.

3. Patient Responsibility

Successful periodontal treatment requires your cooperation. Excellent oral hygiene is essential and You will b shown how to achieve this. Studies have shown that poor oral hygiene and maintenance will result in a relapse of the disease. Following the completion of active periodontal treatment, regular periodontal maintenance is required at intervals of 2 – 4 months depending on the individual case.

We encourage you to ask as many question as you wish when your case is explained so that you will know what to expect. My staff and I will make every effort to make your experience at our office a pleasant and comfortable one.