Periodontist Dental Surgery in Singapore
Clinic teeth whitening dentistry and Periodontal treatment in Singapore

Dental Implants –are they for you?

Preferable you have to be in good health.
A non-smoker ( smokers have a poorer success rate )
Are you a diabetic? Is it under control?
Do you have good oral health? Is periodontal disease present?

These are some of the factors which we consider before attempting to place dental implants.

In the mouth :
How many teeth need to be replaced?
Is there enough bone for an implant to be placed?

A thorough examination is required, with models of your teeth for planning. X-rays and C.T. scans are also necessary to see if there is sufficient bone.

Is Implant surgery painful?
Generally the answer is No! Many of our patients are surprised that after we place the implants in the morning that they can have lunch later. Most are surprised that there is not much pain after the surgery . We try to be as gentle as possible.

Each case is assessed individually and we will not rush for the sake of rushing. As such we may not be able to meet certain deadlines eg ready before the wedding . Your health is our first priority.

Care of implants
Good oral hygiene is important. Dr Chee will advise you and help you achieve this. Implants need regular maintenance – regular 'cleanings'

This will ensure many years of enjoyment – the ability to smile with confidence, eat without your dentures falling out!