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Signs of Gum Disease by Periodontal Treatment Singapore

  • gums appear red, swollen or enlarged
  • bleeding when you brush or floss
  • teeth may become more shaky or loose
  • bad breath
  • abscess or pus discharging
  • spaces may appear between your teeth

Gum disease and your health

Research shows that gum disease is closely linked to your health. It increases your risk to cardiovascular disease and stroke. This would help to explain why people who are non-smokers also have these problems.

People with diabetes need to be careful as the severity of periodontal disease can be equivalent to having a sore as large as the palm of your hand. Controlling periodontal disease may aid in the control of diabetes. You need Periodontal Treatment Singapore for better result.

Severe gum disease may cause some women to have pre-term, low birth weight babies.

Some of the other links include respiratory disease and recently there may be a link to dementia.

It is wise to give your gums the care you deserve. For Periodontal Treatment Singapore service, call us now (65) 6834 0388!